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At 3 years
December 2006



Female  NFO a 09
Date : 18/01/2003
Father: EC DK*Havheksen's Hannibal NFO n 09 23
Mother: DK*May Gamgee Felix Audax NFO g 23 09
Breeder : Sari Sinkko
Litters: - K - S - T
HCM normal (9/01/2007)
GSD IV free (2011/05/06)


In the summer of 2002 there was a big cat show in Helsinki. So we decided to take a few days trip to Finland.

In that show we met a fantastic NFO male DK*Havheksen Hannibal. It was huge and just touch him he purred.
There was also a very promising young turtle, May Gangee Audax Felix.
A few months later, in October 2002, we returned to Helsinki to attend the FIFe World Show, this time with our male DK*Admiral v. Schnneider Felis Jubatus.
There we met again with Hannibal and his breeder. And with the same tortie girl now as an adult and she was more than promising ......

It was clear .. We wanted a daughter of these two wonderful cats.

Sari, the breeder of Hopeahännnän, wrote us in January of next year. Our Helen was born.¡¡

For the third time, in April 2003 we returned to Finland time to pick her up at an exhibition in Turku which she attended with his brothers. Already in his first judgment Raymond Saetre, the judge, loved her and was nominated.

Helen of Tsavo

Helen in her first show in Turku (Finland) with Raymond A. Saetre

Helen and Raymond Saetre 2014

Helen in Aveiro (Portugal) with Raymond A. Saetre after 11 years (2014)

I remember the first night of hotel. Helen had, for the first time, left his home, had traveled many kilometers and she was with a person she did not know. But she had a safe place to sleep, the head of Joaquin ....

Helen is a very large female, with an outstanding head and a quiet character and very balanced. She is a splendid show cat and her results along years has been very good.

It was the best cat of semi long hair in Spain in 2004 and was number 11 in Europe that year. In September 2008 the European Championship ended after gaining 9 Best in Show, 18 nominations and 13 Best in Variety

For now, just give us a few wonderful kittens from litters K, S and T

Helen of Tsavo con 3 años y medio
Helen at 3 1/2 years
December 2006

Helen of Tsavo con 3 años
Helen at 3 years

Helen of Tsavo con 2 años y medio
At 2 1/2 years
April 2005

Helen of Tsavo con 1 año y medio
At 1 1/2 year
April 2004

helne en la terrace con 9 meses. Set. 2003
On the terrace in our house in Madrid
9 months
September 2003

Helen of Tsavo en nuestra casa en Madrid
At 5 months
May 2005

Helen of Tsavo arriving home
The day she arrived
April 2003

Helen en su casa en Finlandia. Abril 2003
In her home in Finland
March 2003



Best semilong hair cat in Spain 2004

"Ranking El Mundo del Gato magazine"

Gatos Top 2004

Nº 11 on b"Skogkatt of the Year 2004"


Europa Championship Certificates

Show results

/Date Show Country Class Certificates
19/04/2003 Turku Finlandia 3-6 Meses Ex 1 Dorte Kaee
20/04/2003 Turku Finlandia 3-6 Meses Ex1, BIV, NOM Raymond Saetre
07/06/2003 Viana do Castelo Portugal 3-6 Meses Ex 1, BIV, BIS Maj Britt
08/06/2003 Viana do Castelo Portugal 3-6 Meses Ex 1 Brugman
27/09/2003 Zaragoza España 6-10 Meses Ex 1, BIV F. Milcent
28/09/2003 Zaragoza España 6-10 Meses Ex 1, NOM M. Ottino
04/10/2003 Elvas Portugal 6-10 Meses Ex 1, BIS Y. Roca-Folch
05/10/2003 Elvas Portugal 6-10 Meses Ex1. B. Nemcova
25/10/2003 Barcelona España 6-10 Meses Ex, BIV, NOM F. Calmés
26/10/2003 Barcelona España 6-10 Meses Ex 1 Schöler
1-2/11/2003 Copenhagen(WS) Dinamarca 6-10 Meses Ex 1 Geir Edvardsen
15/11/2003 Alverca Portugal 6-10 Meses Ex 1 W. Sattler
16/11/2003 Alverca Portugal 6-10 Meses Ex 1 A. Uddin
06/12/2003 Madrid España CAC Ex 1 Jocquel
07/12/2003 Madrid España CAC Ex 1 A. Uddin
31/01/2004 Bordeaux Francia CAC NOM, BOS L. Fanelli
01/02/2004 Bordeaux Francia CACIB NOM, BOS S. Bruin
03/04/2004 Valladolid España CACIB NOM, BIV, BOS R. Voehringher
04/04/2004 Valladolid España CACIB NOM, BOS M. Klein
16/10/2004 Elvas Portugal CAGCIB NOM B. Nemcova
17/10/2004 Elvas Portugal CAGCIB NOM D. Filler
04/12/2004 Madrid España CAGCIB NOM, BIV, BIS F. Capra
05/12/2004 Madrid España CAGCIB NOM, BIV R. Saetre
12/02/2005 Córdoba España CAGCIB NOM, BIS H.S. Sneum
14/05/2005 Beverwijk Holanda CAGCIB Ex 1 M. Klein
15/05/2005 Beverwijk Holanda CACE NOM C. Spijker
08/10/2005 Barcelona España CACE NOM, BIV S. Bruin
09/10/2005 Barcelona España CACE BIV D. Filler
18/12/2005 Colmenar Viejo España CACE BIV, NOM G. Mantovani
Colmenar Viejo España CACE BIV M. Stein
Colmenar Viejo España CACE Ex 1 L. Burani
Elvas Portugal CACE NOM Jørgen Billing
Elvas Portugal CACE BIV, NOM G. Mantovani
Elvas Portugal CACE BIV, NOM K. Duplessis
E. Steinhauser