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A STATEMENT (Easy to find it in internet, but we absolutly agree with it)

We are a CAT breeders, We breed CATS
NOT dogs
NOT mice
NOT rabbits,

We are not a pet store.
We cannot guarantee having a kitten of a specific color or sex available on demand.
The kittens we tell you we have; are all we have available
Just because you decide today that you want a kitten does not mean that we have one available for you to take home today.

We are not a travelling salesmen
If we have kittens available then you may make an appointment to come see them.
All kittens marked as reserved on our site or we say are not available are NOT available.
The age and availability dates that we list on our site are NON negotiable.

We are neither a bargain basement nor a clearance store.
If you are looking for a kitten at a bargain price keep on looking… You will not find it here.
Every kitten that we have is raised with all the loving attention that we can give.
We have spent many hours cleaning litter trays, feeding, watering and worrying over each and everyone.

We answer the same questions time after time even though that information is clearly listed on our website.
We answer the questions and put up with rude behavior of people who are upset that they can't get what they want, when they want it and within their budget!


We spend countless hours learning more about how to raise kittens better and more about our specific breed: Norwegian forest cats
We spend ENORMOUS amounts of money at the vets and buying cat related supplies such as litter and quality food. We give our cats only the best and we strive to make sure our breeding cats are provided, happy and have great quality of life. Otherwise we don’t feel comfortable breeding them. Our cats are happy and healthy, and their kittens are happy and healthy too.
If you broke down what we bring in on each kitten as "profit" I would be making pennies per hour.

We are CAT breeders

We spend lots of money and many hours preparing for travelling and attending cat shows and we are thrilled to bring home a one euro rosette.
We enjoy the camaraderie of other breeders and admire their cats even when their cats beat ours.
We are CAT HOBBY BREEDERS and we LOVE our norwegian forest cats, We enjoy what we do and We ADORE OUR CATS.



Our kittens are ready to move are at least 15 weeks old. Fully vaccinated against flu/enteritis. Healthy and health controlled by veterinarian. Health-certificate (not older than 7 days) ID-marked with microchips. Dewormed a couple of times , a written agreement and finally a lifetime support from the breeder.
And course, an ASFE - FIFe pedigree.