Tsavo *ES Norwegian forest cats | Bosques de Noruega

Our home and cats



Joaquin with the girls
Joaquin in the catrun

For females and neuters (Kibo in the front)

Teresa playing with Bibi

The Little Red Hut

Teresa and Chad after a summer rain


Other view of the catrun

Admiral and Chad

The summer patio - terrace

For females, neuters and others (If they wish)

For females, neuters and others (If they wish)

Our dining room.


What happens in the kitchen?


Bibi waiting for specialties

Relaxing in a snowy afternoon

Teresa weighing kittens
Teresa checking the kitten's weight

Visiting the nursing box

The amusement park

Scratching post
Another idea on relaxing

The Little Blue Hut

Joaquin working
Joaquín working with aasistants

Our house in winter